GREENLINE HYBRID YACHTS - The Future of Hybrid Yacht Cruising

Hybrid boats are the future of cruising

Enjoying the sea is what makes owning a boat so special. The feeling of being alone on your own little island, the tranquility of a secluded cove and the ocean unfurling to the horizon. A boat offers a unique connection to the marine environment and a privileged insight into the natural world that surrounds us.

The degradation of marine reserves and the natural environment is a challenge that affects us all and one that we must meet head on. Sea temperatures are rising, endangered species are under greater threat than ever and we, as a race, have reached a tipping point where our actions now will shape the future of this planet for generations to come. But there is hope. Hope in the will of determined young people like Greta Thunberg to raise awareness about the threat of the climate emergency, hope in the commitment by big corporations to play their part in improving our environment and hope in the technology that we can utilize to lessen the impact on our precious natural resources.

Hybrid boats and marine conservation

It is technology, specifically hybrid and solar, that leads the way to a less harmful and more sustainable future for powerboats. No sailor wishes harm to the environment from which they derive so much pleasure, and embracing the clean energy sources found in abundance at sea is a sure way to limit the amount of harmful toxins being released into the water and atmosphere.

What natural resource is there a limitless supply of at sea? Solar. Solar technology has improved hugely in recent years and has become more accessible, less expensive and more sustainable. Given that most boat owners would prefer to be using their boat in good weather it stands to reason that the addition of solar panels to a boat is a sensible solution.

Hybrid propulsion is another avenue that forges a path to a more sustainable future. Similarly to solar panels, battery technology has come on leaps and bounds and for this the automotive industry is owed a debt of thanks. The drive by some of the biggest companies in the world to electrify our cars has meant a significant investment in infrastructure and battery capabilities, which can be harnessed in the boating world.

If these two technological developments are combined with electric motors the result is a solar/electric craft that not only is far kinder to the environment than an equivalent with internal combustion engines but also far more pleasant for those on board. Electric motors effectively silent when they operate so arriving and departing quiet anchorages can be done in peace and the same can be said for entering and leaving a harbour.

Along with providing a means of propulsion, solar installation can also be used to run the boat’s domestic equipment, be that the fridge/freezer, on board lighting or even the air-conditioning. No need to turn the engines to run the boat’s domestic systems or resort to running a noisy, polluting generator.

Your level of autonomy increases too, less time spent worrying about where you might be able to connect to shorepower for the evening and more spent away from the crowds enjoying quality time with friends and family.

A Greenline future

Greenline Yachts is leading the charge in this exciting sphere of modern boating and has been producing solar-equipped hybrid boats since 2008. The Greenline hybrid concept uses four times less fossil fuel than a planing powerboat in similar conditions. Every single yacht in the range can be specified as either hybrid or full electric, from the smaller Greenline 33 to the opulent OceanClass 68. It doesn’t matter what the budget is or what style of boat is required, Greenline ensures that sustainable propulsion is available to all.

On average the Greenline hybrid can travel on electric power alone for 20 nautical miles at a speed of 5 knots, which is ideal for idyllic coast hopping and inland cruising. With just the sound of water rushing beneath the hull, the senses are heightened and the connection to the sea more pure. Yes, this technology is far kinder to the environment but it also provides a serene and tranquil experience for everyone on board the boat, too.

An experience made all the greater by the luxury and attention to detail of Greenline’s boats. The adoption of new technology can sometimes lead to compromises in the day to day workings of a product but that is no the case with the Greenline range. The boats are stylish, contemporary and designed with robust sea going hulls, the sustainable technologies simply add to the allure of Greenline ownership.

In owning a Greenline and committing to changing the way we think about propelling our boats there is no sacrifice to be made. There is no loss of comfort – only the addition of convenience and the possibility to enjoy the sea without harming our precious ecosystems.

If technology is part of the answer to the challenge that faces us then it must improve the user experience as well as lessen the impact on the environment and that is what has been achieved by Greenline Yachts.

Enjoy responsible boating and experience a new level of comfort with the Greenline Yachts range:

Enjoy responsible boating & experience the next level of comfort

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