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Greenline 58 Fly: Refined, Bold and Flexible

Launching in autumn 2022, the all-new 58 Fly fits into the range to bridge the gap between the popular 48 Fly and flagship 68 OceanClass. The new 58 Fly will be released with a next generation H-Drive system. The 58 Fly's exterior fluid lines and soft curves are seductive. The yacht has a fresh, sporty edge while taking cues from Greenline Yachts iconic heritage look. 

4 November 2021
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Greenline, Green Air, Green Waves

“For almost everyone who enjoys quality time at sea, there is an understanding that we need to take on personal responsibility and all play our part in protecting that very environment. Eventually, boats solely fuelled by fossil fuel will no longer be socially acceptable.” Vladimir Zinchenko, CEO and owner of Greenline Yachts

31 August 2021
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Why Solar Powered Yachts are a Prudent Choice For 2021

Solar energy has commonly been used to power energy systems, but only over the past five years have solar-powered yachts has become commonplace in the marine industry.

6 April 2021
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Boats That Feel Like A Luxury Home

Greenline’s interior mission is simple- to blend modular design, contemporary styling and seamless living for an enhanced experience. Connect to the wild-outdoors in total comfort.

6 April 2021
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Hybrid boats are the future of cruising

Enjoying the sea is what makes owning a boat so special. The feeling of being alone on your own little island, the tranquility of a secluded cove and the ocean unfurling to the horizon. A boat offers a unique connection to the marine environment and a privileged insight into the natural world that surrounds us.

19 August 2020
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A solar-powered future

Turquoise water softly laps the bow as you cruise towards another idyllic, sun-kissed bay where scented pine hillocks give way to a gentle crescent of dazzling sandy beach in the distance.

12 February 2020
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