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Greenline 33: Celebrating the Revolutionary Yacht That Transformed The Future of Boating

Greenline Yachts 33 iconic model retires, making way for larger and more innovative yachts.

2 April 2023
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The Best Diving Destinations In The World 

​​Owning a yacht dovetails beautifully with adventures in and around the water. No spectacle comes close to watching marine life dancing around a coral reef. We have compiled a shortlist of our top six must-visit dive-friendly sites.

31 March 2023
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Greenline 40 Hybrid: A Motorboat Designed for Sailors

This summer Danish-born couple Erik and Catherine made the biggest leap of their lives by changing their business partnership, selling their apartment and moving to Italy to live as foreigners, cultivating a nautical lifestyle. They plan to split their time between shore and sea, discovering Europe by waterway.

21 October 2022
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Charter an Electric Boat on Norway’s Most Enchanting Canal Route

Cruising in Telemark Canals is not a typical holiday, which is precisely why you should visit. Image credit: Bå

28 April 2022
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Eco-Luxe: Trip & Tonic

Discerning globetrotters can enjoy responsible eco-luxe travel with style and soul.

10 January 2022
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Greenline 58 Fly: Refined, Bold and Flexible

Launching in autumn 2022, the all-new 58 Fly fits into the range to bridge the gap between the popular 48 Fly and flagship 68 OceanClass. The new 58 Fly will be released with a next generation H-Drive system. The 58 Fly's exterior fluid lines and soft curves are seductive. The yacht has a fresh, sporty edge while taking cues from Greenline Yachts iconic heritage look. 

4 November 2021
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