GREENLINE HYBRID - Propulsion in Electric, Hybrid or Diesel


From traditional to full electric

Greenline Yachts offers the only complete fleet with conventional, hybrid or electric drive in the world

Currently, we still offer diesel engines but we strive to use the most efficient ones that the market has to offer. Our aim is to provide the most responsible diesel boating solution available. 

HDrive Technology

We are pioneers of hybrid propulsion in boats and have been using this technology since 2008. Years of experience in hybrid drivetrains has allowed us to perfect the system not only for the purposes of propulsion but also for maximum efficiency and comfort while living on board.

Diesel Mode
18 knots
Top speed 18 knots in diesel mode
250 HP
1 x Yanmar 4LV Standard Diesel Engine
14 kW
14 kW generator
Hybrid Mode
18 kW
18 kW Electric Motor shaft drive
Up to 20 Nm
Range at 5 knots in electric mode
7 knots
Top speed 7 knots in electric mode
Anchor Mode
1,32 kW solar standard
4 solar panels 330 W each
Up to 26,6 kW/h
Up to 2 x 13,3 kW/h LiPo batteries
Up to 3 days on anchor
All appliances will run via the battery charged by solar

EDrive Technology

We believe that electric propulsion is the future of responsible boating. This is why every model in the Greenline range is available with a fully electric drive system, which provides silent, emission free propulsion and integrated energy management to run the boat’s domestic supply. 

In partnership with
Electric Mode
Top speed 11 knots in electric mode
Range at 7 knots in electric mode
1 x 50 kW Electric Motor shaft drive
Range extender mode
Diesel Generator / Range Extender
Range at 5 knots in electric mode
Anchor mode
4 solar panels 330 W each
Lithium high performance batteries

Enjoy responsible boating & experience the next level of comfort

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