GREENLINE 48 Coupé Cruiser - Die ultimative Hybrid Yacht

Greenline 48 Coupé

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Technische Spezifikationen

Solar / Power Management

Never felt so good…

Matthew Kulger

The flagship of the Greenline Yachts family, Greenline 48 features all the benefits that Greenline Yachts stand for. One level living concept ensures the movement on the deck is safe and effortless, ample AC power allows the use of normal home appliances onboard and solar roof makes sure you never run out of power.

23 April 2020

Greenline 48 Coupe Review

The 48 Coupe’s lines resemble those of her sistership 48 Fly for a modern classic look on the water, with some of Greenline’s trademark features, including large salon windows, protected side decks and a signature bulwark aperture at the bow.

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