GREENLINE 40 HYBRID - Der Gentlemen's Cruiser aus unserem Sortiment

Greenline 40

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Greenline 40 Testimonial by The Flemings

The Flemings

The Fleming’s have now owned their Greenline 40 for 7 years, and they absolutely love the boat. Jon first became aware of Greenline as a brand around 2011. European boating magazines were writing about the Greenline when their first model (a 33 footer) started winning “boat of the show” at most European boat shows at the time. Jon contacted us, wanting to undergo a test run our Greenline 33, and had his first experience in that boat on Middle Harbour At that time, Jon and his wife owned a 42 ft Herreschoff Leeboard Ketch which they sailed in Sydney and Pittwater. They later relocated to the Gold Coast and sailed her up to join them, going as far north as the Whitsundays. They had owned her for 14 years, but were beginning to think ‘power craft’. The Greenline 33 was impressive, but once Greenline began to talk about a new 40 ft, twin engine version they were developing. Eventually the Fleming’s decided that this new boat would better suit them and their plans to do extended cruising. So, at the Sydney boatshow in 2012 they signed up with eYachts and haven’t regretted it!

Barcodoro of Netherlands


We fell in love with the greenline 40 immediately. My wife wanted it so badly, and also bought it through a broker in Portugal. we had it transported by road to the Netherlands. We have now sailed with it for a season and are so happy with it, the space and ease of use. Wow what a boat. We call him the "Barcodoro" There are videos of us on Youtube. And many more to follow.

30 Mai 2022

International Yachting Media

Greenline 40 Electric, the future is now

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