Greenline 33 Technical Specification

1 x Volvo-Penta D3

1 x Volvo-Penta D3

170 HP

220 HP


Max. Postes d’amarrage


2 + 2 + 3

Longueur générale9,99 mToilettes/salles de bain1
Largeur générale3,49 mRéservoir Diesel500 l
Tirant d’eau0,80 mRéservoir eau300 l
Courant d’air2,54 mRéservoir eaux noires63 l
Déplacement vide4.800 kgDiesel max range @ 7noeuds700 Milles nautiques
Cabines2 + 3 (+2)

Standard Equipment: Greenline 33

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The design of the Greenline 33 completely redefines user-friendliness of a family boat and is changing the way you will spend your leisure time on the water. A conveniently arranged interior, excellent visibility, ample ambient light and space to comfortably and safely move around the boat – all features that have never been offered on a 10 metre boat before.

Since the beginning of production in 2009, Greenline 33 became more popular than any other boat of her size with over 300 boats delivered to 28 countries in the first three years.

Greenline 33 found over 200 owners throughout the world already in the first eighteen months of production. Boating world honored Greenline 33 with 17 international Boat of the Year, Design and Environmental Awards – and made her arguably the most awarded yacht in history. She is also the world’s best seller in the 10 m size for two consecutive years.

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  • The Perfect Cruiser for Family Cruising. The Greenline 33 cruising on the Water. The solar roof is clearly visible.

Your Comfort

The Greenline 33 features all the benefits that Greenline Yachts stand for. One level living concept ensures the movement on the deck is safe and effortless, ample AC power allows the use of normal home appliances onboard and solar roof makes sure you never run out of power.

  • The Greenline interior is always full of natural light
  • City water connection connects the boat’s water system with the shore water grid – just like the electricity connected to shore power.
  • In the owner’s cabin, the beds can be moved to create single or double berths.
  • The Greenline 33 has three different entry height levels (stern platform, side exit, bow), allowing you to board and disembark safely at all times.

Your Experience

Greenline 33 is the best choice for a couple with occasional friends or a small family of experienced yachtsmen, for hardened sailors or even for newcomers to boating with all the comforts of home.

  • She runs silently without exhaust or wake in electric mode drastically reducing the amount of fossil fuel used during a boating season at sea, on lakes or inland waterways.
  • Diesel or electric? Hybrid! All it takes is a flip of a switch to turn a diesel driven boat into full electric and back. Straightforward and simple.
  • 230 (or 120) V AC power at all times enables extensive use of domestic appliances and recreates the comfort of your own home: use of a refrigerator (there’s room for a 270-litre unit), a microwave oven, TVs and AC.