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Solar / Power Management

We love the setup of this hybrid! It’s quiet, full of luxury and very versatile.

Wim and Thea de Haan, Netherlands

As we owned lots of boats before we know it’s impossible to design and built a new boat without any problems, however Greenline/Seaway pursued in getting the boat right! We have never seen service like this before, big compliments to Seaway and Nova yachting. We are now the proud owners of this wonderful hybrid. As we use the boat in the northern part of the Netherlands it’s awesome to sail electric through parts were there are only lots of birds, the silence is amazing. What we also love is just anchor somewhere in the middle of nature without worrying about shore-power and still have all the luxury like we were at home.

In short; we love the setup of this hybrid! It’s quiet, full of luxury and very versatile.

Love it! Greenline 33, too awesome.


Ron and Andrena Williams, New-Zealand

Our names are Ron and Andrena Williams. We purchased our Greenline 33 about 5 months ago through a wonderful agent; Richard Wardenburg and his lovely wife Suzy, from Auckland NZ. We have really enjoyed this boat, it is ideal for our situation in The Marlborough Sounds, S.I. of New-Zealand. The Marlborough Sounds has 1,500 km`s of coastal waterways, with variable winds and seas flat, to quite rough at times. Greenline travels well and, no-one experiences motion sickness on this boat. It is ergonomically excellent, with the extended deck area enabling us to partake in more activities, more easily, such as divine, swimming. The cost per hour to “run” at 5.7litres of diesel, is envied by other boat users.

PS: My wife has a fear of water and boats but has gotten quite confident on our Greenline 33.

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